Platelets containing essential growth factors are increasingly used in treating challenging wounds. Vivostat Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) has been used to treat:

      • Diabetic foot ulcers
      • Venous ulcers
      • Pressure ulcers
        • Surgical wounds
        • Skin grafts

The combination of platelets and fibrin in Vivostat® PRF is unique.

Not only does the fibrin protect the platelets from proteolytic degradation,
it also ensures the slow release of growth factors over time and makes
the PRF solution polymerize immediately upon application, which means
that the platelets stay where they are applied.
Learn more about the Vivostat® PRF product characteristics here.

The Vivostat® fully automated processing system secures a consistent, high number of platelets
extracted from the patient's own blood. Learn more about the Vivostat® system here

Vivostat A/S also offers wound care specialists the flexible wound treatment, Vivostat®Wound Therapy, that combines Growth Factors, Antibiotics and Vagus Stimulation. Vivostat® Wound Therapy consists of 3 scientifically proven techniques that separately or in a combination can effectively combat non-healing wounds!