Obsidian ASG box

Obsidian ® ASG is an autologous, bioactive platelet rich sealant for anastomotic reinforcement and protection in adjunction to standard closing techniques following gastrointestinal resection surgery.

Obsidian® ASG is designed to effectively seal and heal anastomoses and is associated with a low rate of anastomotic leaks. 

Obsidian® ASG is prepared and applied on-site from the patient’s own blood by using the Vivostat® System. Compatible application devices and different spray modes offer solutions for open, minimal invasive and robotic surgeries. Intra-and extra anastomotic application of Obsidian® ASG strengthens the sealing and healing of the anastomoses.


To read more, please open the Obsidian® ASG brochure

To see an animated video guide of how Obsidian® ASG is applied, please click on this link: Obsidian® ASG Application Guide