Using the specially designed Vivostat® Endoscopic Application System, Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant/PRF® can be used in various types of minimal invasive surgery. 

The single-use endoscopic application catheter is easily loaded into the endoscopic applicator handle (reusable) and the handle is inserted via a 5 mm trocar.

When using the Endoscopic Applicator, the Vivostat® solution is applied through the same unique nozzle that is also used with the Spraypen®. This allows the surgeon to apply the Vivostat® solution in a precise and targeted manner throughout the entire procedure without experiencing blockage. Due to the preformed nozzle, the spray tip can easily be manipulated in many directions giving the surgeon unparalleled freedom in control of application, unobtainable with conventional application systems.

When using the Vivostat® Endoscopic Applicator the application of fibrin or PRF® is activated by a foot switch.