Below are listed a number of articles that have been published concerning the use of Vivostat® Co-Delivery. Read more about each article by clicking the name of the article.


Intrapleural topical application of cisplatin with the surgical carrier Vivostat increases the local drug concentration in an immune-competent rat model with malignant pleuromesothelioma

Lardinois D. et al.
J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2006;131:697-703

Local recurrence model of malignant pleural mesothelioma for investigation of intrapleural treatment

Opitz I. et al.
European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 31 (2007) 772—778

Optimized intrapleural cisplatin chemotherapy with a fibrin carrier after extrapleural pneumonectomy: A preclinical study

Opitz I. et al
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2011; Volume 141, Number 1: 65-71

Stem Cells

Autologous Valve Replacement—CD133þ Stem Cell-Plus-Fibrin Composite-Based Sprayed Cell Seeding for Intraoperative Heart Valve Tissue Engineering

Kaminski A. et al.
Tissue Engineering: Part C Volume 00, Number 00, 2010 DOI: 10.1089/ten.tec.2010.0051

Bone marrow

Use of autologous bone marrow cells concentrate enriched with platelet-rich fibrin on corticocancellous bone allograft for posterolateral multilevel cervical fusion

Vadalà G. et al.
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2008; 2: 515–520.

Wound treatment

The co-application of sprayed cultured autologous keratinocytes and autologous fibrin sealant in a porcine wound model

Grant I. et al.
British Journal of Plastic Surgery 2002, 55, 219–227

In-vitro pharmacokinetics of Amikacin, Teicoplanin and Polyhexanid in a Platelet Rich Fibrin-layer (PRF)

Knafl. D. et. al.
Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Department of Medicine ӏ , Medical University of Vienna


Successful application of keratinocyte suspension using autologous fibrin spray

Johnstone P, Kwei JS, Filobbos G, Lewis D, Jeffery S
Journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries